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__I wish to sell the whole collection of my large size paintings presented on this site, to any art lover, investor or collector … 

__My proposition: A 10 year  renewable contract, ending either with my death (sudden or of invalidating disease), or through  defection of my share to the contract, for any reason. 

__In this case, my client would have the right to get back his investment, as well as all I might have bought with.

__I have at present 29 available paintings, some of them of large or very large size (up to 118 inches long), realized between 1997 and today; I estimate this production at approximately 320.000 €.

__To the investor willing to buy  my collection, this contract would ensure in the future, and yearly, four large paintings, during 10 years, and without any further cost. 

If the initial outlay is in keeping, it will be for balance. 

The price is to be discussed.

If interested, please contact me...
Gérard Grallié_______